Personal Growth and Development, A Key to Success

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Freeda on Personal Growth and Development

“Success Begins From The Inside Out!”

Personal growth and development is of much more significance than what we normally care to believe. A common perception is that personal development is only called for when some people are struggling with something, have some learning disability or some sort of mental, psychological disorder which prevent natural upbringing and development of an individual.

More precisely, it’s about identifying areas of strength and areas for improvement.

New thinking says we should stop trying to improve what we are not good at and focus on getting better at what we enjoy and are good at.

For personal growth and development, you may want to:

1. Determine what you are very good at, then do it more often.
2. Then learn what you don’t do well, and don’t do those things.

The truth is that personal growth and development is not an exclusive requisite for troubled people. It is very essential for everyone. It shapes up an individual’s identity, thought process, outlook and in most cases one’s course of life. It applies to youth and also deals with fully grown up adults who are professionals today.

The significance of personal growth and development can be understood by learning its basics. It deals with enhancing one’s positive traits, skills and knowledge while cutting out any negative mindsets or apparent drawbacks!

It helps in enhancing learning abilities among children, making people (children and adults) more social than what they normally are and it can prepare individuals to aim for their true calling and realize their full potential. It is not without a reason that major corporations all across the world have personal growth and development workshops for all employees irrespective of their expertise or designation. Just like our health suffers wear and tear over time, our mental framework, beliefs, and self confidence goes through several positive and rough patches while we grow up and also meander through our professional and familial responsibilities. Personal growth and development is what deals with addressing this wear and tear and uplifting the individual’s mental framework, confidence, self esteem and several other factors that are crucial for anyone to succeed.

Personal Growth and Development

Here are questions you can ask to help
identify your personal strengths:

1. What excites you most about people, places, ideas and things?
2. What things that you do today excite you the most?
3. What do you like talking about?

The idea here is that you can do something well consistently if you really like doing it.

To determine ways to improve:

1. Who does things that interest you so you can learn how they do it?
2. Who can be your future mentors to ensure your personal growth and development?

Personal growth can be considered as a never-ending exercise since people are likely to learn even as they get older. Some individuals may need workshops and seminars to identify the areas to work upon for improvement or increased productivity. With wisdom, personal growth and development involves a sense of self realization.

Everyone has weaknesses! We will never be content trying to do things we don’t do well. Besides, the marketplace will not likely reward us for doing those things.

Here’s an awesome goal: use 80% of your energy building your strengths and the other 20% of your energy minimizing the impact of your “areas for improvement”. That way your limitations may become virtually irrelevant.

So, if you keep your focus on developing areas you are passionate about, personal growth and development will follow.

What do you do for personal growth and development?

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  1. Mr. Richard Tan says:

    Make the most out of your life because you only have one. Make positive changes in your personal growth and development, because only through this process can your truly create meaning and purpose in a life that’s full of uncertainties. Life is transient, but if we do our best, we can create legacies and memories that will live on long after we are gone.

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