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Recommended Reading for
Maintaining the Right Mindset
Through Personal Growth and Development

Personal Growh and DevelopmentTo maintain the right mindset, you need to consistently expose yourself to personal growth and development. Then take continuous and consistent actions to accomplish your goals.

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Here are my recommendation for your personal growth and development:

Personal Growth and Development BookThe Power of Belief: Essential Tools for an Extraordinary Life
by Ray Dodd

This master coach and author, Ray Dodd, reveals how beliefs create barriers to true happiness and success. This inspiring guide book offers four simple steps to re-create any belief that stands in the way of your success. Click here to learn more.

Personal Growth and Development BookExcuses Begone! How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits
by Wayne Dyer

In this book, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (author of “Change Your Thoughts — Change Your Life” and “Meditation for Manifesting”) reveals steps you can take to change self-defeating thinking habits. These thinking patterns prevent you from reaching the highest levels of success, in both your personal and professional life. Most of us know what we should be thinking, but actually changing those thinking patterns that we developed in childhood can be challenging. Dr. Dyer will show you how to eliminate old excuses and limiting beliefs. When you stop defending excuses, you will achieve your dreams. Click here to learn more.

Personal Growth and Development BookSuccess is a State of Mind
by Les Brown, Victor Hansen, and Deepak Chopra

The concepts communicated by the authors of this book will help you in your quest for success. Success is an attitude, and attitude is everything. We can train our minds to have a positive outlook, and with a positive outlook, we can push through obstacles and overcome discouragement. The writers of this book share proven strategies that will inspire you. We can make the best of every opportunity with specific mental preparation. These authors will share with you how you can achieve inner satisfaction, confidence and success. Click here to learn more.

Arrow to Personal Growth and Development BookThe Law of Success
by Napoleon Hill

In this newly-designed, master volume of Napoleon Hill’s fifteen principles, his success philosophy is available for easy reading. This success method for achieving your goals is sure to inspire you to harness the power of your mind. Click here to learn more.

Personal Growth and Development BookLessons on Life: How to Live a Successful Life
by Jim Rohn

Rohn passed away recently, and we are fortunate to have this book which is packed with simple and insightful messages to inspire us. The lessons on life that he imparts in this book will bring you wealth, happiness and success. Click here to learn more.

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Personal Growth and Development BookBeach Money
by Jordan Adler

The author, Jordan Adler, shares his many years of experience in network marketing that finally led to his huge success. In this book, he divulges the secret to success in MLM and inspires you to achieve the freedom you desire. Click here to learn more.

Personal Growth and Development Book

by Brian Tracy

According to the author, Brian Tracy, your ability to set and achieve goals is a stronger determinant of your success and happiness than any other skill. Great success begins when you decide what you really want in each and every area of your life. In this book, Brian Tracy shares with you research and experience in using goals to accelerate the results you seek in life. Click here to read more, or download a free e-book by completing the form below.

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