Online Greeting Card, Use This Cool Tool to Build Relationships!

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An Online Greeting Card
Can Help You Show Gratitude To Others
And Nurture Your Valued Relationships…

Online Greeting Card – A Personal Growth And Development Article

When you send an online greeting card you can maintain and nurture relationships.

Families are stressed. People are losing their homes and their jobs. In all this financial chaos, we must be careful not to neglect something so valuable that it is difficult to put a price tag on it…our connections with the special people in their lives.

This post will describe how sending an online greeting card is a method of maintaining and nurturing our most valued relationships with those we love, care about or engage in business (customers, clients and patients). We will cover:

I. The Problem
II. The Solution
III. The Mission

I. The Problem

Currently, the postal service is grappling with financial issues because people are mailing fewer and fewer packages, letters and cards. The general public is reluctant to take the time to mail lately. Going to the post office can become a major project and a huge inconvenience, as just standing in line is a considerable deterrent to using their services. Mailing an online greeting card is very convenient.

Email and text messages have replaced more personal letters and cards. Despite this growing trend, most people would agree that receiving a letter or greeting card, with a personal message, in the mail has a much bigger impact and makes a better impression than receiving a card via email. That’s where an online greeting card comes in.

Create An Online Greeting Card
In Minutes From Your Computer!

II. The Solution
Online Greeting Card - Thank You
Sending an Online Greeting Card is a solution to this problem. Customers can generate these cards online, and the company will print, stamp, stuff and mail “real” cards for them. The company and its distributors are betting that this service will impact on the greeting card dramatically by offering people a more convenient and cost-effective alternative. With this service, you can send out cards, delighting every recipient with a creative, fun, personal and signed card. Plus, these cards cost less! You will not have to worry about missing those important dates ever again, and you can save yourself lots of work during holidays by creating your own card campaign.

As a customer, you will learn how to set up a campaign sending an online greeting card to your entire list. You choose a card, attach a photo, write a personal message, and click the send button…all within 5 minutes. Again, the company then goes to work printing the cards, stuffing them, putting first class stamps on them, and mailing them for you to everyone on your list.

Plus, you should keep your list out all year as there are other opportunities to enrich 2010 with social experiences that build memories. According to Hallmark, here is the holiday rank:

Rank / Holiday Number of Cards Sent

1. Christmas / 1.8 billion
2. Valentine’s Day / 152 million
3. Mother’s Day / 141 million
4. Father’s Day / 93 million
5. Easter / 63 million
6. Thanksgiving / 27 million
7. Halloween / 26 million
8. St. Patrick’s Day / 2 million

It does not stop there. You can also include a gift with your online greeting card…to some or all of the people on your list.
III. The Mission

The company’s mission is to “change lives…one card at a time,” by enabling people to act on their promptings immediately. A prompting is a cue, feeling or thought that you ought to say, do, or give someone something. It is a strong need to act. Because of the convenience of sending an internet greeting card, it is easy to act on these promptings.

We can all remember an instance when we experienced a prompting, but did not act upon it.

The CEO of this company is no exception. A few years ago, he ignored a prompting to hug his older brother goodbye before relocating across the country. Then two months later, he received word that his brother was accidentally killed on the job. After that, he promised that he would never ignore a prompting again, and he would help others do the same.

This company was created to help people act on their promptings quickly…by sending an internet greeting card within minutes of being inspired to do so.

Use This Online Greeting Card System

Who do you appreciate? Which relationships do you value?

This online greeting card system can be used to forge bonds, build relationships, and show gratitude and appreciation.

Check it out for yourself: Online Greeting Card System.

Send An Online Greeting Card Today!

Don’t neglect your connections with the people you love and care about.

Reaching out to people with an internet greeting card can make such a difference, especially in these tough times.

Reach out to someone in kindness today.

You can use these internet greeting cards as you build an online home based business.
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Use This Online Greeting Card System to show gratitude and appreciation to loved ones and clients! Check it out for yourself: Online Greeting Card System.

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