Use the Law of Attraction, Here Is How It Works

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Learn How To Use The Universal Law of Attraction!

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You Can Use The Law of Attraction
to Manifest Your Desires!

Use the Law of Attraction…Personal Growth and Development article
Part I

People often say that they understand how to use the Law of Attraction (LOA), but it just does not work for them.

I just listened to an audio program by Kevin Trudeau and his millionaire friends entitled, “Your Wish Is Your Command.” On it, Kevin talked about a “missing ingredient” to the formula presented in the movie, The Secret of how to use the law of attraction.

Before I proceed, let me state the fundamental premise. You must first decide to believe that you create your reality and that you are responsible for what happens in your life. The alternative is to believe that you are a victim of random events and circumstances that simply show up in your life. Accepting responsibility can be a “hard pill to swallow.” However, if you accept this, then you can believe that you have the power to shape and change your experiences and manifest your desires using the Law of Attraction (LOA).

Let me begin by repeating the steps we have probably all heard before to use the law of attraction (with the world-wide appeal of The Secret)–

How to Use the Law of Attraction
to Manifest Your Desires

1. Conceive – Define what you want. Be extremely clear about it.
2. Believe – Have 100% belief that you will get what you want. It must be something you can believe. Your belief level will profoundly affect whether a concept becomes reality when you use the law of attraction. Remember, no one has achieved anything significant without belief. Kevin uses a helpful analogy here. He says you should act and feel like it is Christmas Eve and you know you will receive presents tomorrow. There is no room for doubt. Remember, don’t focus on the “how”. As Les Brown puts it, “How…is none of your business.” :)
3. Receive – Be grateful, as if you already received it. Also, be thankful that “it” is on its way to you. Be in a state of utter expectation. Maintain positive thoughts and feelings as you use the law of attraction.

Just following the steps above takes a lot of conscious effort for most of us. After all, we did not learn these skills in school. Keep in mind that you will progressively get better as you practice how to use the law of attraction.

So, there is more to applying the LOA than “thinking happy thoughts.” With practice, you can use the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires.

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use the law of attraction
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  1. Simone Segal says:

    a great sight! i have done many studies of the great philosophers and quantom physics scientists from the past to this day.
    I also watched The Secret many a time!
    Take a peek at my website and see what Thinking in a certain way has done for me,
    thank you

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