Pinging a Website is Important for Your Small Business Site

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Pinging a website means you are helping search engines and directories find the pages on your website.

This is important to know if it seems like the search engines are not finding the pages of your website or if it’s taking a long time for your pages to get indexed by the search engines.

What does pinging a website do?

When you ping your website, you let the directories and search engines know that your site has been updated, or if it is a new site, you let them know that your site exists. It is the simplest way to get the search engines to index your site and increases the likelihood of your site being found. After you ping your website, the search engine bots visit and crawl your site to look for fresh content.

This is done using ping tools to send messages from your website telling the search services and portals telling them that you have new content on your website.

These tools can be successfully used on any website. You just need to enter the homepage URL or the URL of the specific page with new content, and the tool alerts the search engines and directories that you have fresh content to share publicly.

Important things to know about how to ping your website:

1. Only use pinging tools when you post new content. Pinging too often doesn’t benefit your website and may even get your blocked by certain services.

2. As long as you add fresh content, you can ping several times a day.

3. You should try to add new content to your site weekly.

I use to ping the URLs of fresh content on my site. Many online marketers use that ping tool. Check the tool out for yourself for pinging a website easily and effectively.

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