Pinterest for Business, Why Its Better Than Facebook Or Twitter

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Pinterest For Business
Pinterest for business marketing purposes is an invaluable asset that you simply should not go without having. It has become superior in the social marketing field, and it is a fantastic resource that can be used regardless of the size of your company. Pinterest for business is a great place to advertise, primarily for businesses and services being sought or offered to the general public.

Fortune 500 companies and home based businesses with one or two workers are advertising on Pinterest. It has not reached the numbers of users that Facebook or Twitter has, but the lack of clutter may even be an advantage when you are using this virtual pin board. The fact that it does have the attention of the other social media sites and their users is another huge plus. Pinterest is really getting a whole lot of attention. As a matter of fact almost 3.4 million people visited the site this past October! That is a lot of exposure and a key reason you should consider Pinterest for business.

It seems that people actually prefer this to other sites, because the option to buy from the site is there through back-links. It is an organized site that you control. You can get recipes and other neat home ideas for free, and it is all stored on your pages.

Naturally there will be some time that will have to be invested for the whole thing to truly be beneficial. You want to make sure that you pin up top quality and noticeable pins at the site. You can get re-pins, posts by others and likes that will boost your presence on Pinterest.

It is important to be engaging and authentic. You want to keep things simple. Simplicity is one of this media’s best qualities, and it is what keeps people coming back. Simplicity is professionalism, and you will see up to a 75% or more increase in the traffic to your sites from using Pinterest for business. This is especially true if your products or services appeal to women, since they are the ones who make up for most of the user numbers on the site.

By following the high hitters, promoting more than just products and having a theme for specific deals or days of the week, you may get more exposure. Be sure you are using the original photos when you are targeting audiences and looking to drive traffic to your sites. Be aware of what others are doing, especially people who are getting the likes and re-pins. You will be able to gather a larger following by pinning others content, too. When you share, others share in return.

Be organized, make catalogs and host competitions. Make sure that your followers and fans are aware of the prizes and what their part in it should be. Get them to pass the word on to others, too. You can even make pin offers to pin on the boards.

The possibilities are endless, and your content won’t get lost in the news feed jungles like it does on Facebook. The time that you spend using Pinterest for business will actually pay off.

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10 Responses to “Pinterest for Business, Why Its Better Than Facebook Or Twitter”

  1. Liz says:

    I got onto Pinterest as soon as I found out about it. Love pictures and images. I can see how businesses would be successful in getting customers using this tool.

  2. Carmen says:

    Pinterest is one of my favorite social networks. It’s so cool!

  3. Patricia says:

    I’ve been using Pinterest, and I agree that I have been able to get better results with it than Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Suzanne says:

    I can’t believe that I haven’t tried Pinterest yet. I’ll have to look into it for my business Thanks.

  5. elizabeth says:

    I like the image you used on this post. Did you do that yourself?

    I love Pinterest.

    • JC Dawkins says:

      I did create that image myself using Powerpoint and Photoshop. It was quick and easy. I’m certainly no graphic artist, but the tools help me look good. ;)

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