Pinteresting, How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic

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Pinteresting is the latest tactic for driving social media traffic to a website.

This social network is now in third position behind Facebook and Twitter.

In the last several years, advances of social media have allowed businesses and websites to drive abundant amounts of traffic through Facebook, Twitter and other social channels. Video and images are the most interacted forms of media, more than any post or simple web site link. In order to capitalize on social media traffic, this social network uses a bulletin board style website that allows users to post images from other websites. On this new network, a post or an update is called a pin.

Pinterest comes with several uses, including cooking ideas, clothing, printable coupons, and home decor. The traffic that it can drive to a website is almost unfathomable. Should a post go “viral”, millions of users can potentially interact and share Pinterests (pins or posts), just like you see happen on larger social media sites. Website owners now have the ability to use Pinterest traffic, as long as you know how to capture your audience.

You need images for Pinteresting and driving Pinterest traffic to your website. If your site is all text with little or no interactive media like images and video, you’ve got to work to get this form of media on your site; otherwise, this network may not be an effective resource for you. This won’t only help you drive traffic from Pinterest, but it will also engage your audience a lot more.

Additionally, if you’re set on using Pinterest for traffic and willing to put in the time to get image media on your web page, you’ll want your images to be unique. You are of course welcome to use royalty free images, but what you’ll find is that if an image is not original, it will be difficult to get users to share and re-pin your images.

Here are Pinterest tips to help you
maximize this social network:

1. Pinteresting is all about pictures, but you can pin articles and documents. The cuter the photo, the greater the appeal.
2. People can scan a wide array of pictures quickly on their screen. So, the picture really has to stand out to get attention.
3. It is best to promote others 80% of the time, and yourself only 20% of the time.

Finally, people love Pinterests that offer something with a WOW factor. Make sure you don’t use images that are flat, dry and boring. Pinteresting for traffic is about creating or posting images that contain something unique, creative, or useful. When users find something interesting on your site, they’ll post the image and capture the entire audience that’s following them. This leads to multiple levels of pinning, similar to sharing on Facebook or re-tweeting on Twitter.
If you’re intent on Pinteresting for traffic to your website, you’ll want to add their pin button or some way for people to share your content on that network. Similar to dozens of other social media channels, this button is a quick link for your web site visitors to quickly pin to their board on Pinterest, which will trigger the traffic from Pinterest in the first place.

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  1. Katie says:

    I’m hooked! That’s for sure! But I like the fact that there’s still lots of room for businesses to grow on Pinterest and really use it to their opportunity…if they do it right.

  2. Derrick says:

    My girlfriend is hooked on Pinteresting. I can hardly pull her away.

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