Signs of Stress, What To Know to Improve Your Quality of Life

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Freeda on Signs of Stress

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The signs of stress are different for each of us.

We all feel stressed sometimes. I think I may be experiencing stress lately.

My right eyelid started twitching periodically a couple of weeks ago. My family tells me that this is due to stress. So, I decided to do some research.

I found out that many people complain about their eyelids “twitching” or “jumping” for apparently no reason. The twitching often becomes so pronounced that patients become very concerned. This eye-twitching condition is called blepharospasm.

These spasms begin with no warning and are caused by stress, fatigue or sensitivity/exposure to bright light. A generic trait may play a role in rare cases. Blepharospasms are not limited to eyelid twitching, but may include increased blinking, and eye irritation. Although some patients find relief through acupuncture, nutrition or hypnosis, the easiest way to treat blepharospasms is to reduce the stress or fatigue.

I’ve already started getting more rest, and now I want to ensure that stress isn’t causing this condition.

In this post, I will share some questions you can ask to determine if you are stressed, review other effects of stress that you can watch for, and what you can do to reduce stress.

Take This Stress Test

If you answer “yes” to more than 2 of the following questions and feel this way regularly, you are most likely stressed out.

1. Do you snap easily and argue all the time, even over little things?
2. Are you growing impatient with others?
3. Do you want to stop socializing with others?
4. Have you started forgetting things constantly?
5. Do you have difficulty relaxing?
6. Are people telling you that you look tense?
7. Do you have trouble sleeping or are you tired all the time?
8. Do you feel like you can’t find time for you?
9. Do you feel like you’re under pressure?
10. Are you angry most of the time?

We all have bad days and experience these emotions occasionally.

Signs of Stress

The signs of stress may show up physically, emotionally or mentally, and there is a wide range of signs because the symptoms are subjective and varied. The signs of stress may show up differently for each person. We each experience stress differently.

According to the American Institute of Stress, other signs of stress include (and are not limited to):
Signs of Stress
–Frequent headaches
–Grinding of teeth
–Difficulty concentrating
–Frequent urination
–Hair loss
–Panic attacks
–Social isolation
–Reduced sexual desire
–Constant fatigue
–Excessive sweating
–Unexplained weight gain/loss
–Muscle aches and spasms
–Excessive flatulence
–Reduced productivity at work
–Difficultly breathing
Feeling overwhelmed
–Suicidal thoughts
–Feelings of worthlessness
–Frequent colds and infections

The above signs of stress may also be caused by other medical and psychological problems. So, if you are experiencing any of these warning signals, it’s important to see your doctor for an evaluation.

It can be difficulty to know if you are over stressed. Some stress is good because it can help to push you to do your best and to perform well under pressure. Plus, we all respond to stress differently. You have your own limit. What you may find stressful may not be for someone else, and vice versa.

Some people don’t feel any signs of stress until hours, and sometime days, have passed since the stressful activity. You should pay close attention and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Take the time to notice how you may respond to stress so you can manage it better. This will help you reduce the high cost of long-term health issues that could result because stress may be affecting your health without you realizing it.

Tips To Reduce Stress

Stress seems like an inevitable part of life these days. So, we can’t avoid stress altogether; instead, we need ways to reduce stress before our bodies and minds start to show signs of stress. Here are a few tips for doing so:

1. Sit quietly and take a few deep, slow breaths.
2. Get regular exercise. This causes your body to feel good as you release endorphins.
2. Ask for help in handling difficult tasks. We all need help sometimes.
3. Notice what gets you stressed and remove it or avoid it.
4. If something is causing you to feel stressed, ask yourself, “Will really matter in a year? Most things tend to fade as time passes.
5. If you struggle to meet deadlines, try improving your time management.

For more tips on reducing stress, read my post entitled, “Reducing Stress, To Live a Happier Life.

How do you handle stress?

What signs of stress are you noticing?

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