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“Should You Have A Social Media Campaign
To Build Your Online Home Based Business?”


The term Social Media Campaign refers to marketing strategies using sites that give users the free choice of interacting with each other in a social dialogue. Users are not limited to passively viewing content, as they do with traditional websites. With this Web 2.0 Marketing, users generate their own content in virtual communities – places where we all meet, read and write. Social networking sites, video-sharing sites and blogs are examples of Web 2.0 Marketing sites.

We all hear that social media networking sites have experienced tremendous growth, but…

Are you still wondering what the benefits of a social media campaign would be to your business?  Has the debate over the real benefit of a social media campaign left you wondering what you should do?

This article will review both sides of the controversy over this topic to give you some points to consider in deciding what is best for your business.

We will cover the what, why and how in two parts for ease of reading.

Part I
A. The What — What are Social Media?
B.  The Why — Why should you care?

Part II
C. The How — How you can get started?

Part I – A Social Media Campaign

A.  The What…

Social Media (SM) is a means of connecting with others, and it supports the human need for social interaction.  The common tools or social networks include Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. A social media campaign is a strategy using social media to build your business.

Social Networking describes the socialization or interaction of individuals with common interests via social media.

A Social Media Campaign enables you to use social networks, online communities, blogs and any two-way Internet media to promote your business or site.

B.  The Why…

Here is a summary of the two sides of the controversy over the real benefits of a social media campaign to businesses:

The Pros – Businesses can no longer avoid having a Social Media Campaign.  SM have been experiencing a surge in the number of people participating, and, as a result, it is getting more difficult to run a business online (local business or online home based business) without a social media campaign.

Many people believe that the interactivity of social networking and the engagement that is inherent in a social media campaign alone make it the wave of the future.  Additionally, because social media have become some of the most affordable means to reach customers, business owners should have the goal of harnessing the power of an effective social media campaign.

Advocates feel that the question is when will you get involved in SM, not if you will, and your business success will depend on how you use it.  They believe that a social media campaign is a necessary part of online business, and if you do not get involved in these communities, your competitors probably will.

The Cons – Social Media marketing requires an investment of time, and the ROI (return on investment) is difficult to measure.  Some people say a social media campaign is all about conversations, not conversions.

They say that the time demanded to do social media marketing is best used on SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click), because the masses go to search engines when they are ready to buy a solution to their problem.  So, why not invest your time and resources there?

The benefits of social media are intangible.  Those who claim that social networking is converting are exceptions to the rule.

As time passes…

As time passes, social media is proving its importance. More and more people are embracing the power of having a social media campaign.


Part II – A Social Media Campaign

C.  The How…

Success with a social media campaign depends on the business niche and the execution.

There is no cookie-cutter approach for getting started in social media.  Your social media campaign will depend on:

1.  What are your goals?  Why do you want a marketing strategy in social media?

You must have a clear definition of what you want to accomplish with social media marketing, and you must be able to measure your results.  Like any form of marketing, your social media campaign must demonstrate value and be measurable.

It is generally agreed that SM is very beneficial for attaining certain goals, including brand building, relationship management and customer interaction.

Do you want to boost traffic, cut marketing costs, grow subscribers, or grow your marketing list?

2.  Who is your audience?

You should know your market and understand its needs before you create a social media campaign.  Then you can target your audience by determining which sites would be most related to your issue, business, company or topic.  Your next step will be to engage that targeted audience in a systematic approach to network and build relationships with them.  This includes delivering a content strategy by carefully calibrating your outreach to build interest.

3.  What are your resources?

You can set up an account for free on most social media sites.  However, you will need to invest time to respond to visitors’ questions, to make posts, and to track activity and results.

As noted previously, a social media campaign requires an investment of time to ensure that your business is successful in the use of social media.  An investment of a few hours a week may be sufficient for a small business, and a few hours a day may be good for a larger company. For many businesses, a virtual assistant (VA) can be hired to create and promote content.  A VA is someone who manages a business’ social media accounts.  The business may even be able to pay a VA on an hourly basis.

4. What is the value proposition? What value are you giving?

The power of a social media campaign is found in rewarding people who relate with you by fulfilling their needs, at the time they search for it, in the way they want it delivered. In other words, how good are you at giving them what they want, when the want it, and how they want it.

A social media campaign is a powerful, low cost, promotional strategy that should be integrated into the marketing mix to generate traffic to your site or business. However, success depends on whether you execute the social media campaign properly, whether your business niche is right for this marketing media, and whether you satisfy the need.

I think most people would agree that people overwhelmingly trust personal recommendations more than ads. If a social media campaign is executed properly, it can generate personal recommendations for your business, company or product.

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An Social Media Campaign Post
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2 Responses to “Social Media Campaign, Social Tips For Your Online Success!”

  1. admin says:

    Hi Bruno. Thank you for your comment. I totally agree that it does allow the business to connect with customers and build relationships with them.

  2. Bruno Coelho says:

    Dear JC,

    You’ve done a nice job defining what is social media and how businesses can leverage it to build a strong brand.

    I would add that a social media strategy should exist in the tactical level of the Promotion area that is integrated inside the Marketing mix.

    In the end of the day it’s all about the customer. With this in mind, social media can be a powerful tool to connect with your customers and build a relationship with them. Turn your customers into fans!

    Best regards,
    Bruno Coelho

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