The ABCs of Creating and Launching a Facebook Fan Page – Part I

The ABCs of Creating and Launching a Facebook Fan Page – Part I
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Create a Facebook Fan Page

A Non-Techie’s Guide!

Social Media Marketing Strategy article–

Are you considering creating a presence on Facebook and need to understand the difference between creating a fan page and starting a group? Do you know very little about html, but wonder if you can create your own Facebook fan page? Do you want to be able to make updates to the fan page yourself, even if you do hire someone to create it?

This article will address these issues.

In this four-part article, I will share some insights that I gained by creating a fan page that should help make it an easier process for you. You will learn how you can create a Facebook fan page for your business, and you’ll get some tips on making your fan page successful. If any of this overwhelms you, you can always outsource the creation of your fan page. With some basic knowledge, you may be able to make updates to your fan page yourself, without needing to pay a designer to do so and without having to wait for the updates to be done.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Part 1: Introduction/About Facebook and Deciding Between Creating a Fan Page or Group
Part 2: The Basics of How to Create a Fan Page and How to “Unlink” Your Fan Page From Your Profile
Part 3: What Applications Should You Put On Your Fan Page and How to Customize a Landing Page…and Why
Part 4: How Do You Build a Community, How to Launch Your Fan Page and How Do You Add a Facebook Badge to Your Blog

Part 1: Introduction/About Facebook and Deciding Between Creating a Fan Page or Group

About Facebook

According to Nielsen, “With 206.9 million unique visitors, Facebook was the No.1 global social networking destination in December 2009 and 67% of global social media users visited the site during the month.”

Facebook says it had 350 million active users as of December 2009. By February 2010, that number of monthly users rose to 400 million.

With stats like this, is it any wonder why entrepreneurs are trying to create a presence on Facebook?

For me, the first decision was whether I should create a fan page or group.

I. Deciding Between Creating a Fan Page or a Group

Facebook allows two tools for networking – fan pages and groups.

Fan page

“If you don’t have an attractive and active Facebook fan page for your business, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity to increase your brand awareness, heighten visibility, build your own community on Facebook, and drive traffic to your website and blog, build your opt-in email list, attract top-paying clients, and much more.” ~ Mari Smith, FANtastic Fan Pages

The word “fan” just distinguishes these folks from the “friends” on your profile.

–A fan page has similar features to the profile page. It has a wall where fans can post, and it communicates to fans via “updates” which are displayed on the update tab.

–A fan page is a special profile meant to promote a brand, product, web site or organization.

–Generally, pages are more suited to businesses, celebrities and artists while pages are better for communities formed around a common interest or cause.

–Page tabs can be customized with the use of applications that provide fans with an interactive experience.

–Because the name of the administrator is anonymous, this creates a separation between the professional interactions on a page and the personal interactions of a profile page.

–Do not create a page that is not linked to a profile, if you already have a personal profile. This is a serious violation of Facebook’s terms of service.

–Pages are better for long-term relationships and groups are better for quick attention. Groups are better for organizing around a cause, where pages are better for branding and interacting with fans or customers.

–A news feed goes out to the friends of anyone who joins your fan page.


–A group is created around an interest or affiliation or association with people and things.

–You can decide if the group is restricted to a specific network or open to all of Facebook.

–Groups can be restricted or open to anyone on Facebook.

–Officers can be appointed by group administrators.

Fan Page versus Group

Here is a summary chart of the major differences:

Feature Fan Page Group
Long, Ugly URL Yes, but can get vanity URL
after have 25 fans
Ability to change name No Yes
Ability to add extra applications Yes No
Allows for messages to members Yes (using updates);
No limit to how many fans can be updated; can send personal messages inviting friends to join
Yes (using inbox)
if under 5,000;
can send bulk messages to friends inviting them to join
Provides visitor stats Yes – can be used to target prospects and track results
(via updates)
No (via PMs)
Can include blog Yes No
Publicize connection with specific user Yes (“Page insights”) No
Google Indexing Yes – Full;
accessible with conventional search
No – Partial;
only accessible through Facebook
Linked to Profile Yes No
Ability to control participants No – only by age and location
(never tried it)
Yes – via permission settings

Please note that you can create multiple fan pages and multiple groups, if you choose.

Based on my particular business goals, I chose to create a fan page. I hope the information above helps you determine what is best for your business.

This is the end of Part 1.

In Part 2, we will delve into “The Basics of How to Create a Fan Page: and “How to “Unlink” Your Fan Page From Your Profile.”

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Please share your comments and questions. I’d really appreciate that.

To our success,

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  1. Ellie Lopez says:

    Thank you for your generosity and shared wisdom. I’m so glad I found you!

    • admin says:

      Hi Ellie. Please visit often. If you have questions, you can post a comment or send me a message using the “Ask JC” tab. I look forward to hearing from you. JC

  2. Goals Coaching with Lynn Moore says:

    Just what I needed JC! Was struggling with this last night and not getting anywhere!
    Thanks, looking forward to the next 3 parts.

    • admin says:

      You’re very welcome. The other segments of the article are already posted on the blog. Hope you find them useful.

  3. Christine McIvor says:

    Wow JC! This break down is amazing between the Fan Page and Group. I get asked this question a lot. Now I know where to point them ; ) Thanks for sharing.

    • admin says:

      And you should know, Christine. Since you have both a fan page and that great EIF group. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Neil Howe says:

    Thanks for the great information. Keep it coming.

  5. Holly Powell says:

    I LOVE how you broke down the benefits of groups vs fan pages. A definite keeper.

  6. JanP says:

    Great info …thanks for posting this….it really gives a clear distinction between the two features. I have seen many articles written about groups and fan pages but have not seen them directly compared…very helpful.

    have a great tue!

    • admin says:

      Jan, I’m so glad you found this helpful. I really appreciate your comment. Be sure to come back to read the continuation of this topic. :)

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