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This page has an absolute goldmine of social media marketing strategy resources for you to tap into. Click the links below to be directed to the articles.
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Arrow to New social media marketing strategy resource - facebook advertisingI’m a firm believer of creating a marketing plan, setting objectives, having a strategy and taking tactical action. I just read an article where these key activities are explained in detail using the acronym, M.O.S.T.

I think the author does a really good job. Check it out ==> “How to Get the MOST From Your Marketing Efforts!


What does Web 2.0 Marketing Strategies mean?

What does Strategic Online Marketing Success mean?

Here are additional, useful articles about Social Media Marketing Strategy:

Social Media (in general)

Are you using social media to increase your influence? Check out this article: “Using Social Media as Social Proof!

Here’s a good resource for using different social media to find topics to write about. “9 Ways to Use Social Media to Inspire Your Writing!

Without a social media marketing strategy, social media marketing will eat up your time. Here are some suggestions for creating a strategy that will work for your business: “7 Steps for a Successful Social Media Strategy!

Are your efforts in social media paying off? Check this out — “Top 6 Social Media Mistakes!

Do you want to know if social media is affecting your business and how it is impacting your brand? Check this out — “4 Ways to Measure Social Media!

Don’t have enough time to keep up with social media? Here are some practical tips for managing your social media in 10 minutes a day. “Managing Your Social Media

Here are some tips for making all your social media — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blog — work together — “5 Easy Steps to a Winning Social Media Plan

3 Simple Steps for Creating Social Media Visibility

Social Media Marketing Industry Report 2010

Social Media Resources Recap

Also, be sure to download my free ebook: “10 Social Media Strategies to Save Your Business Time and Money


Have a new blog? These plugins will make your blog work for you: “Impressive Blog Plugins!

Want to turn your blog into a sales engine? Check out this article: “How to Use Your Blog to Drive Social Sales!

Do you have a business blog? Are you wondering what you should do next so people will find out about your blog. Here is a list of 14 tactics to promote your blog so people know it exists. “14 Attention-Grabbing Tactics for Launching a New Business Blog!

The Fastest Way to Increase Your Google Ranking,” one of the best ways to gain a top spot on Google is by creating and posting to a blog.

Top 10 Easy Steps to Starting a Business Blog


Want to master Facebook marketing? Attend the 2010 Facebook Success Summit. “Facebook Success Summit!

Do you have a facebook fan page? Here are 2 articles to help you encourage more people to follow your page: “10 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Following!” & “8 Powerful Ways to Use Facebook Landing Tabs!

Facebook automatically lets anybody see your videos, pictures, and status updates unless you use the new privacy settings to change who sees your information within Facebook. Read this article to see how you can use those settings to ensure your privacy. “4 Steps to Control Your Privacy on Facebook!

If you are considering customizing your Facebook Fan Page, here’s an article I think is very helpful.”How to Customize Your Facebook Page Using Static FBML

Plus, you can read my article about Creating and Launching a Facebook Fan Page.

3 Ways to Use Facebook Insights to Your Advantage

9 Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Fan Page

21 Creative Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fan Base

6 Useful Facebook Productivity Tips

Also, be sure to download my free ebook: “The ABCs of Creating and Launching a Facebook Fan Page


Twitter is rolling out a new feature. You will find it on the “Find People” link. With this new feature, called “Suggestions for You,” Twitter will suggest people for you to follow based on several factors. “Twitter Suggestions For You!

Are you tired of Twitter spam. This article gives some good advice to help you stop wasting time managing spam. “5 Ways to Kill Twitter Spam!

5 Simple Steps to Getting Your Business on Twitter“. It covers the steps you will want to take when setting up your Twitter account.

12 Awesome Tools for Efficient Twitter

7 Insanely Useful Ways to Search Twitter

Also, be sure to download my free ebook: “A Beginner’s Guide to Using & Marketing with Twitter


According to this author, “With all the press and buzz about Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, one site not commonly known as a social networking site has emerged as just that.” This article gives some good, basic information: 5 Reasons YouTube Should Be a Part of Your Social Media Strategy!

10 Killer Tips for Creating a Branded YouTube Channel
Also, read my blog about Video Marketing.


This article will reveal five ways you can use Linkedin to build meaningful relationships that will lead to business opportunities: “Building LinkedIn Connections!
If you’re interested in additional LinkedIn strategies, check out Lewis Howes’ e-book, “Learn How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Brand, Become a Thought Leader and Achieve Your Goals,”  This e-book is reasonably priced and offers many tips and details on how to get results from using LinkedIn. (I’m not an affiliate of this product.)

Lewis Howes’ e-book, “Learn How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Brand, Become a Thought Leader and Achieve Your Goals,”  is reasonably priced, and he offers many tips and details on how to get results from using LinkedIn.
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