Social Media News 3/25/12

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Social Media News

Social Media News

Social Media News for Online Marketing Success”

Social media news can help you stay abreast of important changes in social media.

I just watched a video interview of Mari Smith. She is a Facebook powerhouse! I’ve been a loyal follower of hers for about 3 years now, and she never fails to teach me something new. This particular interview was about relationship marketing. You’ll see the link below in the social media news updates section.

Mari explained that relationship marketing is about coming from a place of value when entrepreneurs interact with prospects. It involves sincerely wanting to know how you can help them, without having an agenda. Small business owners need great listening skills to determine what their prospects want and need. The goal is to “humanize” your brand.

Developing a community requires great content (relevant, consistent, and entertaining) and an engagement strategy (timing and how often). It is crucial that small business owners respond to prospects quickly on social media. This will require a commitment, but you should be able to build a following over time.

Mari has coined a phrase, “edutainment”. This refers to content being both educational and entertaining to encourage the most engagement.

Here are 7 components of a strategy for successful Facebook marketing:

1. Attractive page design
2. Great content
3. Effective promotion
4. Engagement
5. Conversion to sales
6. Measurable results
7. Scalability

Regarding scalability, Adobe is offering a free webinar this Tuesday. The link is the second one below.

This webinar will cover a process that allows small business owners to see metrics that matter to them. Their solution promises to integrate analytics, engagement, and listening. I’ll be on the webinar. Check it out for yourself.

You can keep abreast of the latest social media news by clicking the links in the rest of this post.

Social Media News
Social Media News
Here are Social Media News updates for last week. Give me your comments. I’d love to read them, and I answer them all personally.

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