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Social Media News

This Week’s Social Media News

Social Media News for Online Marketing Success”

The first link below in the social media news section of this post is entitled, “5 Tips for Taking the “FUD” out of Twitter for Employees”. It covers some good points.

First of all, what is FUD? The term refers to fear, uncertainty and doubt associated with the internet and social media.

Your employees can be advocates of your brand on Twitter.

Here are some steps for getting your employees (and maybe yourself) on-board with Twitter:

1. Think of a Twitter handle – that’s your twitter name.
2. Understand the basics about the follow/follower ratio, what is considered spamming, and how to re-tweet.
3. Put together lists of who to follow. You want to list people who are influential in your field, news sources and clients.
4. Have a strategy of how many interactions weekly (tweets and re-tweets) and how many minutes daily.
5. Find tools that make the process easier.
6. Spread the word about any events your organization is hosting or attending.

The article didn’t mention this but you can also monitor what others are saying about your brand. One of the biggest mistakes some businesses make is not addressing criticism about their brand. You should consider having a strategy in place for dealing with unfavorable comments which includes who and how to respond, as well as how issues will be resolved not just on Twitter but on the internet. is a free tool you can use to track what people are saying about your business. You can use it to set up email alerts much the same as Google alerts, but for Twitter. It is very easy to set up and use.

Check out the links below to learn more social media news.

Social Media News
Social Media News

Here are Social Media News updates for last week. Give me your comments. I’d love to read them, and I answer them all personally.

What’s New With Twitter:

  • 5 Tips for Taking the “FUD” out of Twitter for Employees
    Whether you work for a large or small business, in BtoB or BtoC, or are just interested in growing your marketing and sales network, you may have been faced with a common issue: You’re fully on board with social media, but your employees may not be. Many organizations have done their due diligence to put [more social media news...]
  • 4 Ways to Use Twitter for Customer Service and Support
    Do you have customers? Are they on Twitter? Are you using this amazing tool to support your customers? Keep reading to discover four ways to provide amazing customer service with Twitter. Why Twitter for customer support? “I genuinely believe that any business can create a competitive advantage through giving outstanding customer care.” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk [more social media news...]
  • What’s New With Google+:

  • 5 Top Google+ Tools and Apps for Marketing Pros
    Are you looking for Google+ apps and resources to enhance your marketing? This article reveals five categories of tools and apps you can employ to greatly enhance your Google+ experience. Check this out: Thirty-six percent of brands on Google+ have seen a 100% increase in circle size in less than 3 months, according to a [more social media news...]
  • What You Need to Know About the New Google Plus Design
    Google’s social network takes cues from Facebook and Twitter for its new look.
  • What’s New With Facebook:

  • Why a Facebook Page Isn’t Enough For Your Business (Video)
    Your website is all about your brand while Facebook is a social network that you can’t control. Writer Mikal Belicove explains.
  • 5 Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Timeline Page With Images
    Are you wondering how to visually enhance your Timeline Facebook page? This article provides five actionable tips you can employ now. The Visual Opportunity When Facebook moved the navigation into the left column and added the Photostrip, I wrote how you could optimize your Facebook page for visual branding. And when Timeline was rolled out [more social media news...]
  • Businesses Can’t Afford to Neglect Customer Service on Facebook
    Some well-known retailers are not responding adequately to customer-service complaints online. Your business should not do the same.
  • General Social Media News:

  • 5 Ways to Win with B2B Content Marketing & Social Media
    In the world of B2B online marketing, content and media have been used in a variety of forms to educate and persuade customers across long buying cycles with great success. Over the past few years I’ve heard from many B2B marketers that prospects are leading themselves through much of the initial phases of awareness, interest [more social media news...]
  • Plan on a #SocialMediaFail
    No where do the mistakes, poor practices and questionable judgement of individuals, organizations and brands get exposed with such glee as they do in the sphere of the social web.
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