Social Media News 5/13/12

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Social Media News

This Week’s Social Media News

Social Media News for Online Marketing Success”

According to an article entitled, “Why Forums May Be the Most Powerful Social Media Channel for Brands,” forums are still very popular for asking and answering questions about products.

Forums are internet message boards or websites that provide an exchange of information about a particular subject between people online.

Here are some suggestions for how a business can participate on these message boards:

1. Be sure to follow guidelines on how to identify and market your business.

2. To prevent yourself from being banned, mirror the way that other members communicate.

3. If the administrator says something your said was too much like spam, apologize and don’t repeat the behavior.

4. Your main goal is to participate in existing discussions and add value.

5. Use your signature line to include your company name and a link to your website at the end of your post.

Forums are tools for building relationships and trust. You won’t be able to drive immediate traffic to your site from forums. Over time, this will result in people connecting with you.

See the link below in the social media news section of this post for more details about forums.

You can keep abreast of the latest social media news by reading the rest of this post.

Social Media News
Social Media News

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  • General Social Networking:

  • What Are the Most Important Social Networks for Business?
    If you’ve been involved with marketing on the web for 10 years or more, could you have imagined what the web looks like today back in 2002? Considering the changes over the past year between Google, Facebook, Pinterest and Mobile, looking ahead just 12 months can be a challenge. The state of constant change requires [more social media news...]
  • 5 Ways Social Media Can Increase Your Revenue From Existing Customers
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    1. Derrick says:

      I haven’t used forums yet, but I will give it a try because of the tips in this post.

    2. Leslie says:

      I like the fact that there are apps that combine a forum app right to your Facebook page. It’s like two of the greatest social media channels combined. Great post!

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