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Social Media News

This Week’s Social Media News

Social Media News for Online Marketing Success”

Google+ Hangouts on Air is now available worldwide!

Now, you can do a live broadcast (hangout) and stream it on your Google+ profile, your website and your YouTube channel. It’s like having your own live video show.

Every hangout is saved to your YouTube account, so you do not need special software. Then you can re-share your video just as you would any other video on YouTube.

To start a hangout, you simply invite people to join you. Then give your hangout a unique name and share your YouTube URL with people who want to watch.

You can broadcast the live-stream of your hangout to your website by pasting the embed code into your site. Plus, you can click on the chat button to chat with people during your hangout.

I just read an article about everything you need to know about Google+ Hang Outs on Air to use it for your business. The article is entitled, “Google+ Hangouts On Air: What Marketers Need to Know,” and the link is located below in the social media news section of this post.

The article details the exact steps to follow and tips for avoiding any issues with Google or YouTube. Check out the article by clicking the link in the section that follows.

Have you tried Google+ Hangouts on Air?

You can keep abreast of the latest social media news by reading the rest of this post.

Social Media News
Social Media News

Hey Everybody! Here are Social Media News updates for last week.


  • Google+ Hangouts On Air: What Marketers Need to Know
    What if your business could do live video broadcasts to unlimited viewers–instantly and for free? Want to share your screen and slides, no problem. Need it to be super easy? This is all possible with using the free Google+ Hangouts On Air! You’ve probably already heard about Google+ Hangouts, which allow you to video chat [social media news...]
  • Twitter:

  • 5 New Twitter Tools to Boost Your Marketing
    Are you seeing the results you want from your Twitter activities? There are over 1,000,000 different apps for Twitter and a new one is added every second. This means it is often quite easy to get confused finding those that actually add real value to your day-to-day tweeting. I took a look at some of [social media news...]
  • Facebook:

  • 6 Tips to Improve Your Facebook Advertising Results
    Would you like Facebook ads to be a regular part of your marketing strategy? Wondering what you can do to tweak your ad strategy to get better results? This article will give you six tips to help improve your return on your Facebook ad investment. #1: Do Your Research Watch other Facebook ads and take [social media news...]
  • General Social Media:

  • How to Promote Your Blog With Social Media
    Are you looking to use social media to promote your blog? Sharing your blog posts on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even Tumblr can help your content gain significant exposure. But each social media platform is distinct with different benefits and abilities. You need a simple process to tailor your social sharing [social media news...]
  • Most Useful Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts
    Not everyone uses keyboard shortcuts, and not everyone will find them any more useful that manual navigation. But it is… read on…social media news
  • Marketo Summit Session: Destroying the 7 Myths of B2B Social Media by Jay Baer
    There has long been a widely held (and incorrect) belief that social media is a B2C sandbox. “Stay out B2B marketers, this social thing has nothing to do with you.” Of course, there have been countless studies that have documented B2B marketers successes in driving results in social. With the notion that social is only for [social media news...]
  • How to Get Customers Using Your Online Rewards (Video)
    Gabe Zichermann explains how offering customers and employees what they want through gamification can create long-term engagement.
  • Social Media Measurement Model [Infographic]
    The next step for organizations that are comfortable with the content side of social media is the development of a strategy and tactics to measure the performance of their social media activity.
  • Online Marketing News: Local Optimization Opportunity, Facebook Advertising Issues, Google Knowledge Graph Takes Over
    The Local Web & The Single Largest Opportunity For National Brands This infographic by Balihoo shares the significance of marketing locally to your potential customers. According to this infographic: 73% of online search activity is related to local content 82% of local Internet searches follow-up offline 23.6% the percentage that digital media is expected to [social media news...]
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