Staying Positive, 10 Tips for Business Success

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Freeda on Staying Positive

“Success Begins From The Inside Out!”

Staying positive is an important ingredient to online business marketing success.

I just read an interesting post entitled, “Handbook for Life: 52 Tips for Happiness and Productivity,” by Leo Babauta.

In this post, I will highlight the tips that I thought were particularly noteworthy for staying positive and add my perspective on how they can help you stay positive.

10 Tips For Staying Positive

1. Think positively – Yes, this is a bit over-used, but don’t let that undermine it’s importance to your business success. Positive thoughts are so powerful, and they’ve been used by people who are hugely successful. Learning to think positively is definitely not as easy as it sounds. When I monitor my thoughts during the day, it never fails to amaze me how often my mind dwells on useless, if not downright, negative thoughts. My mind strays to thoughts of what people have done or said that upset me in the past, or what results I got in the past that should stop me from proceeding with a course of action now. Does this sound familiar? What a waste of “brain space”! What I’ve started doing is taking control of my thoughts. Join me in refusing to let negative thoughts conquer your dreams. Here are some suggestions for staying positive by thinking positively:

–Monitor your self talk. We talk to ourselves mentally (some of us do this out loud) constantly throughout the day.
–If you hear a negative thought, replace it with a positive one. You can repeat affirmations or mantras to regain control of your thoughts.

2. Join a group – These will help you in staying positive, staying focused and staying motivated. I’m part of a group that holds motivational calls on weekdays. It is so helpful to listen in and get charged up for the day.

3. Find daily inspiration. This can be one of the best motivators. Here are a couple of suggestions for staying positive with daily inspiration:

–Read motivational books and biographies of high achievers.
–Read success stories or blogs of people accomplishing similar goals to yours.

4. Keep calm. Don’t allow situations to change your mood. For example, I think driving is an enormous source of frustration and anger for most people, myself included. When someone does something dumb or dangerous, I have found it useful to tell myself that they must have a good reason to have to pass me or they did that because they are new at driving. This keeps me in control of my emotions. Here are a couple of suggestions for staying positive by keeping calm that may work for you:

–Meditate – this will help return your sanity as you relax and calm down, and it allows you to contemplate and put things in perspective.
–Decompress – after getting stressed, take some time to do something to decompress, like taking a walk outside or exercising.

5. Enjoy your journey to success. Everyone is always talking about the importance of goals, but goals are not nearly as important as happiness…at least not to me. You should find the balance between achieving the goal and being happy as you move toward it.

–Take time to enjoy simple pleasures, like sunsets, food, and the smell of fresh-cut grass.
–Reward yourself regularly. Treat yourself to something special when you take action, achieve a milestone, or accomplish a goal. You deserve it.
–Stay in the now. Don’t let your life pass. Start paying attention and observing what is going on around you.

Staying Positive with Freedom Freeda

Freedom Freeda

6. Take time to be with loved ones. Be fully present with them. Don’t think of all the things you could be doing. Just truly enjoy being with them.

7. Stop comparing yourself to others. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be competitive. Just know that you are different. Be grateful for all your strengths. This will help you stay positive.

8. Don’t tell yourself how difficult something is. This is a mind’s trick to get you to procrastinate. Think about the outcome and how you will benefit from accomplishing it, instead. Changing the way you look at things can make them easier to do. To avoid procrastinating, I use a tip that I learned from Brian Tracy. He teaches that we should do the most difficult task early in our day to get it done. That works great for me.

9. Be prepared to deal with “dream stealers”. Babauta recommends the following 3 step process for staying positive using this tip:

–Identify the naysayers. Listen to what others are saying to know if they are being realistic or just being naysayers.
–Listen to see if they have a valid point. They may have a reason for being negative. Maybe they are being realistic. Determine if it’s an obstacle you can overcome.
–Delete the negative thoughts they cause, if they don’t have a valid point.

10. Help others along the road to success. I find it so rewarding to help others. That’s one of the main motivators for me maintaining this blog.

So, what do you do to stay positive?

Did you find these tips for staying positive helpful?

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