The Magic of Compounding

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–An Online Home Based Business post–

How the Timeless Concept of Compounding
Can Help to Build Your Online Home Based Business!

Hey Everybody!

I just listened to a recording by an Internet marketing guru, Joshua Shafran, where he reminded me of this timeless concept…the magic of compounding on your online home based business.

Let me remind you how this goes.

Online Home Based Business CompoundingIf I offered you the choice between a gift of $50,000 or 1 penny that I would double each day for 31 days, which option would you choose? Because most of us are either familiar with this concept or have heard this story, you would probably choose the penny doubled every day, but let’s review the concept and see how it applies to your online business building efforts for your online home based business.

Compounding for your online home based business is powerful, but you have to stick with it.

It is especially easy to give up in the beginning when your returns are very small.

For example, after 2 weeks (day 14), you’ll only have $81.92, and you’ll start questioning your decision. “Why did I turn down $50,000 for a penny doubled a day? :)

You made the right decision to start your own, online home based business, but you have to stick with it. You see — compounding starts building on itself. By day 31, that penny will compound to over $10,000,000.

So, how does this apply to online business building?

I want you to take away the following undying principles:

1. Do not give up in the early stages.
2. Reinvest in your business.
3. Wealth building takes time.

If you start small, reinvest, and don’t quit, the return will be incalculable…if you follow the right blueprint.

Even if you were minimally successful…how much would an extra $500 a month alter your lifestyle? You would probably be able to live in a house that is much more expensive, or you could save the extra money for a nice vacation each year, or you could invest it in a retirement plan.

So, hang in there in the beginning when everything seems soooo hard!

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An Online Home Based Business post
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