Tweet Adder Review, This is Fastest Way to Manage Twitter Accounts

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TweetAdder Review
Tweet Adder Review – showing you an easy way to increase the number of targeted Twitter followers.

Many tools on the market offer you automated followers, but you don’t just want a ton of followers, you want followers that you can market your brand and business to because they are targeted to your niche. These are followers with an interest in what you have to offer, so you should be able to engage them in conversations.

With endless resources offering the same thing you offer, it’s easy for your Tweets to get lost in an over-saturated market such as Twitter. Additionally, if you have found success in following people based on their tweets and see them following you back, you’ve probably spent countless hours searching for random hashtags within the Twitter interface to get you started. Rather than working all of this from the interface of, you need to consider using a tool like Tweet Adder. In this Tweet Adder review, I’ll give you a few good insights that make this tool useful.

This tool offers automated, social media management. I used to hate automation for social media, but after doing it all manually, and even hiring a VA (virtual assistant – someone paid to do specific social media or internet marketing tasks) for a while, I’ve decided that a little automation makes sense for Twitter. I have found that Twitter works best with some automation for following and tweeting and some personal interaction and engagement by doing direct messages, blog commenting, and retweeting and hosting twitter chats.
Twitter Chat
Automation can help you get better results — quicker and easier. It allows you to get your follows, follow backs, unfollows and tweets on automation.

As I wrote in a previous post, “TweetAdder For Blog Traffic,” you can get targeted blog or website traffic by creating a large Twitter following, but the process of manually following and unfollowing people can be very labor intensive.

Any business that’s in the Twitter game knows how difficult it can be to gain a substantial number of Twitter followers.

Tweet Adder Review – User Benefits

1) Scheduled Tweets and Direct Messaging – this benefit allows you to schedule Tweets right to your own account. While you may not be working 24 hours a day, Twitter and your website are both doing so. Since you can’t always be there, being able to schedule tweets far in advance saves you time and the hassle of constantly updating your Twitter feed with new stories. Let your Twitter account work while you sleep. One point I’d like to make here in this Tweet Adder review is that this benefit should not be overused. It is very important to complement these with manual tweets.

2) Follow Feature – Everyone wants followers. Several people are willing to exchange follows with you if you’re in the same boat, and looking to grow your Twitter follower base. This part of the Tweet Adder review looks at the follow and unfollow feature. By checking your followers, Tweet Adder can return the favor and follow back anyone who’s following you for the sake of fairness. Additionally, Tweet Adder can remove follows of people who AREN’T following your account. This helps to encourage people to follow you once they realize that they’ve lost a follower who could have generated valuable exposure to them.

3) Seek Out Your Followers – Another portion of this Tweet Adder review looks at how you can use several search features to find users that are relevant to what you have to offer on your account. By searching profiles, updates, the number of followers, and even specific tweets, you can search for an follow any number of users who you think would be interested in your business. By doing so, you hopefully get a follow from them in return, which is another opportunity for you to continue to grow your Twitter follower base exponentially.

4) Manage Multiple Accounts – A final benefit on this Tweet Adder review is that Twitter allows you to have multiple accounts. Each account can be targeted to a specific niche, but managing so many accounts can be a nightmare. Subscription price vary based on the number of accounts you want to manage. You can even use this feature to run accounts for clients.

Tweet Adder is a software-based service that comes with a lifetime license and unlimited updates and support.

It offers many benefits that HootSuite and TweetDeck do not. One of these benefits allows you to see all the accounts you are managing in one window.

Tweet Adder Review – Try Features Yourself

In wrapping up this Tweet Adder Review, it’s important to say that Tweet Adder is a time-saving device that is worth the cost in time saved.

TweetAdder offers a demo version that has full functionality. See for yourself why professional social media managers say Tweet Adder’s features are unbeatable. You can set up the demo version that only limits the number of accounts you can use it on and the number of follows.

How do you gain targeted followers on Twitter? Have you tried TweetAdder?

Did you get value from this Tweet Adder review?

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6 Responses to “Tweet Adder Review, This is Fastest Way to Manage Twitter Accounts”

  1. Derrick says:

    I haven’t tried it yet. It doesn’t hurt to give it a try.

  2. Maury says:

    I agree with you about TweetAdder. It’s a “set it and forget it” software that everyone should be using. You’ve reminded me about a couple of features that I need to set up. ;)

  3. Annie says:

    This totally makes sense. I’m going to join a few chats before I try this. ;)

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