Twitter Chat, Use It To Build Your Twitter Community

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Twitter Chat

Twitter chat, also known as tweet chat or tweetchat, is a great tool for promoting your brand and building your community.

Twitter is the 2nd most popular social media channel available for businesses to take advantage of today.

Through website promotion, email campaigns, and simple word of mouth, you most likely increasing your Twitter followers. Growing your fan base can help you engage a much larger audience that will hopefully result in an increase in your conversions. Once you’ve got the followers, you need a way to truly connect with them. Simply tweeting and retweeting generic babble and rattling off your website links is the quick road to social media failure. If you want to really get into the minds of your Twitter followers, you need to look into adding regular twitter chats into your Twitter marketing strategy.

A twitter chat allows you to have a conversation with your loyal followers on a regular basis, right over Twitter feeds. By creating and promoting a Twitter chat session, you can have useful back and for this with Twitter followers. This conversation is also seen by their followers, so the longer you keep it going, the longer you will remain in other people’s news feeds.

The first thing you’ll need to start a twitter chat is a little bit of promotion. Continue to use your website and email content, but also promote your hashtag. A hashtag is the # sign followed by a keyword or topic. It can be put anywhere in a tweet, and it helps to categorize tweets. This also helps to show the tweets easily in a Twitter search. When you click the hashtagged word in any tweet, you will see other tweets with that category/hashtag. Hashtags help users find content related to a specific topic. Anyone who searches for that hashtag will find your tweet.

Some good examples would be #FoodChatFridays, or #DJChat or #FashionChatters. Spend a good month promoting a kickoff chat. This will not only get some existing followers to attend your first session, but help you build up your twitter followers a little bit faster in the days leading up to your chat launch.

On launch day of your Twitter chat, be prompt. If you’re late, or slow to respond, people will lose interest in your hashtag and stop responding. Kick the chat off with something that’s truly engaging to your audience. No hello is necessary, but getting the conversation going quickly is. The right start can lead to a long and beneficial chat with your followers. Continue to follow your hashtags and leave no response untouched. While you may have set a time frame for your chat, remember that Twitter chat is one of the few opportunities to make your customer feel important. Take the time to make them feel good and wait until your chat hashtag as fallen off a bit before ending things with your followers.
I just read an excellent post entitled, “5 Steps to Hosting Successful Twitter Chats: Your Ultimate Guide.”

Here are some the benefits of
hosting a Twitter chat:

1. You will be able to create a community.
2. Many new people will learn about your brand.
3. You will get instant feedback and have the opportunity to hear the needs and concerns of your community.

Here are some recommended steps for
preparing to host a tweetchat:

1. Participate in a few industry tweetchats before creating your own. You can search for relevant twitter chats This resource will also give you idea of the topics people are covering in their tweetchat.
2. Create a hashtag. As I explained earlier, you will need to promote this hashtag so make sure it is unique, short, and easy to remember and type.
3. Choose a time where there are no other twitter chats on the same or similar topic. If you are going to do a series of tweetchats or ongoing chats, pick a time that you can stick to.
4. Select moderators to help you get the word out, welcome members, and keep on topic. These can be team members or the most active members of your community.
5. Promote your twitter chat using your blog, social media and press releases.
6. Create a static page on your site explaining how often your will host the chat and how a twitter chat works.

When running a tweet chat, follow this basic format:

1. Welcome everyone and allow a couple of minutes for your participants to introduce themselves.
2. Tweet your thoughts on the specific topic of the tweetchat. Each chat should have an announced topic.
3. Allow a few minutes for participants to share their ideas.
4. Summarize key points, ask questions, and retweet the best answers.
5. Announce the next twitter chat.

A twitter chat is nothing new, but now you should realize the potential value that it has to you and your brand.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Start hosting and promoting your Twitter chat! :)

Visit again soon for more Twitter Chat tips!

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  1. Derrick says:

    I’ve done a couple of Twitter chats. I really appreciate the tips in this article. I think I’ll be able to increase the participation by following your tips.

  2. Maury says:

    What am I waiting for? LOL!

    You’re so right. I’ll let you know how this works out.

  3. Ben says:

    The hashtag chat strategy really does work well if you’ve got some loyal followers. You can strike up a Twitter chat that can last up to two hours if you promote it right. Thanks for the tips!

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