Using Skype, How You Can Use This To Build Your Connections Daily

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Using Skype
Using Skype is an easy way to call anyone in the world…free!

Remember the days when AOL Instant Messenger seemed to rule the planet? Countless people used AOL Instant Messenger, or AIM to communicate on a daily basis. From college students, to working professionals, every computer had AIM installed on it. Sadly, the program took a major downward turn in popularity when they started implementing ads on a regular basis, which made the program slow and “laggy” sometimes. These days, messaging programs are more advanced than ever, and the one that it used the most is Skype. Using Skype is simple, free and extremely easy.

In short, Skype ( is basically a telephone service that allows you to make calls from computer-to-computer to anyone in the world for free using the internet. You will just need to download the Skype program onto your computer. For basic service, all you need is your microphone and speakers.

Using Skype For Free –
Some features for you to explore

1. Video calls – If you and your family member, friend or business associate have web cams on your computers, using Skype for video calls is a cool feature you’ll want to try out.

2. Send Files – You can send files by selecting a user in your buddy list and pressing the “send file” button.

3. Instant Messages – You can chat with anyone in your buddy list, just like using any other IM program.

4. Group Chats – You can create a group, invite people to join, then communicate with group members.

When you want to just instant message people, using Skype is an ad-free solution that lets you communicate with an unlimited amount of people at once. You can see what friends or colleagues are online, and initiate a chat with them instantly. Additionally, Skype has several other features that come at no cost to any users. When you need to share your screen with someone online, this is the easiest way to get things done. Share a screen in the same window that you’re chatting with someone on and talk while the mouse is moved around at the same time. Furthermore, you can run a Skype-to-Skype voice call which would allow you to converse with another user while sharing screens, all at the same time. Skype also allows for several other features, including video calling and file sharing.

If you’re going to be using Skype for business purposes, consider the paid version for your work solution. With Skype, you can call anywhere in the US for a little over 2 cents per minute. You can also use Skype to allow people to call you when you’re on the move. You can also hold video conference calls with multiple users. Hold an online meeting with 4 different offices just by using Skype. Using Skype when you travel for work can be extremely beneficial, especially if you’re unsure whether or not you’ll have mobile phone service when you’re traveling.

Using Skype At A Nominal Fee

1. Skype In – This allows you to register a phone number for friends to call you using their phones.

2. Skype Out – This allows you to call friends on their phone numbers from Skype.

3. Skype Voice mail – This allows you to use the voice mail feature using Skype.

Using Skype is a simple way to communicate with friends, family, and other business professionals. You can search for them by typing in their full names in the search bar. Then, you’ll have to request that they add you to their contacts using Skype.

So, no matter what you use Skype for, and whether you use the free or paid version of Skype, you’ll find that it is loaded with ad-free tools that help you transfer files, see what other users are looking at, and hold phone calls and conferences in nearly any place that offers you an internet connection. Instant messaging has taken on a whole new meaning using Skype.

Are you using Skype?

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