Website Traffic Tips, 10 Strategies for Success

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Top 10 Strategies for More Website Traffic

This post will review ten strategies for getting more website traffic and emphasize the commitment needed to make your blog a success.

Running a blog requires commitment. Unless you are prepared to treat your blog seriously and put time into it, you probably will not continue blogging for long.

Lately, a digital presence is important for whatever business you engage in. Blogs are a favorite means of creating a presence online. So, if you want a way to show your expertise, consider starting a blog.

There are many ways to set up your blog. You can get a done-for-you blog. Click this link to learn more: Done-For-You Blog.

What Will You Write About to Attract Website Traffic?

I think of a blog as an online journal. A blog enables you to create daily content on any subject you choose. You could create personal blog to keep in touch with family members. You could also create a business blog and attract website traffic to sell products or services.

You should decide what your niche is before you begin posting to your blog. Asking yourself these questions could help:

“What are you passionate about?”
“What subject do you know a lot about.”

Once you decide on what the blog will be about, then it is time to do some research on key topics within your niche, let’s call these keywords. You can learn more about how you can research keywords by reading my article, “Get More Blog or Website Traffic”.

After doing your research, you can proceed to creating content.

Here are key strategies for getting more website traffic

Website Traffic

1. Create fresh content regularly. Most experts say that you should post to your blog at least two to three times a week.

2. Submit your posts (at least 400 words long) to article directories and be sure to put your site address in the resource box, so people know where to read more. This will generate website traffic if you give readers a reason to click the link. So, remember to have a compelling call to action.

3. Next, post updates to social networking sites. These should include Facebook, Twitter and Google+. When using social media as a marketing strategy, you will need to build up friends or followers who have similar interests on these social networking sites. This will lead to targeted, website traffic for your site. One tool I use to build a Twitter following is TweetAdder.

4. Spread the word about your site to attract website traffic. Tell friends and family for a start. You should give out your business cards with your blog address.

5. Ask visitors to sign up for your RSS feed for recurring blog traffic. RSS is Really Simple Syndication. An RSS feed allows readers to sign up for updates. After you post new material, they will be notified via email.

6. Submit your site to search engines for more website traffic. This makes it possible for your blog to show up quicker in the search engines.

7. Join business forums (or forums geared to your niche) and, in your signature, add links to your site in order to lead website traffic to your site.

8. Reciprocate visits and comments to sites of visitors and people who leave comments on your blog.

9. Optimize your site to get free blog traffic from the search engines. This is called SEO (search engine optimization). I use SEOPressor to make SEO easy.

10. Submit your posts to social bookmarking sites. This makes it possible for members of those sites to go to your site. This will lead to more website traffic for you.

In summary, to be successful, your blog will need to:

• Have regularly updated content for readers.
• Be marketed to draw targeted, website traffic.
• Register with the search engines so that they find your blog.

These strategies will start driving targeted, website traffic to your site.

It takes time, and consistency is the key to website traffic generation.

Visit again soon for more Online Home Business tips!

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