Empower Network, What Is It All About, Really?

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Empower Network

What is the Empower Network?

One of my marketing buddies asked this question so I was inspired to write a post to clearly explain what the Empower Network is all about. This is my “take” or perspective on the issue.

The Empower Network is:

    1. An affiliate marketing program that

    • gives marketers a 100% commission payout. This compares favorably to other affiliate networks that pay much less.
    • gives you proven, lead capture pages, that send prospects to proven sales pages. This saves in the time, effort and money it takes to do trial and error creating your own lead capture and sales pages.
    • has a built-in, sales funnel that motivates the prospect to purchase more products from you. Creating your own funnel takes time, effort and money. The Empower Network spares you from having to do that.
    • lets you focus on sending traffic to the lead capture pages. This allows new marketers to be successful quicker since they don’t have to multitask as much as they would have if they created everything themselves. However, you can use your own tools, if you choose.

    Even if the prospect doesn’t buy the first time they go to your lead capture page and sales page, you win because that lead can now be put directly into your auto-responder system. You can then start sending them valuable tips and invites to the Empower Hour Monday evening calls, where the co-creators and expert marketers share internet marketing strategies and up-sell your leads for you. Let them do it. They’re good at it.


    2. An internet marketing education resource that is worth thousands! This network allows marketers to share the latest tips in proven, online marketing techniques. When I started marketing online, I spent thousands of dollars on information that was sometimes out-dated, didn’t work, or was just plain useless. With the Empower Network, top internet marketers actually share what they are doing now to make money online. You won’t find this kind of information anywhere else on the internet! Why would these successful marketers do this? They are motivated to share what works because of the extraordinary income opportunity I mentioned in #1 above. The better the information they share in the network, the more money people will make and the longer they will stay in the network. This will attract more people to join.


    3. A blogging platform that hooks you into a high-authority network of blogs that makes it easier for your blog or website to rank faster and higher on the search engines. Several members have experienced quick and better results on the search engines from blogging on this network blog.

    These blogs are good for most small businesses, whether they currently have a website or not. The search engines love blogs. Blogs are still the best way to get high rankings on Google.

Finally, the empower network empowers “the little guy” to finally be on the same playing field as other marketers by using the same, proven techniques and without needing to have a large list to start making money.

Also, the people that I interact with in the Empower Network are the most generous people in this industry. I’m part of the Dream Team, but members outside that team have been extremely helpful and supportive. So many people want to see you succeed!
Member of Empower Network Dream Team

Newbie Success Stories in
the Empower Network

Here are examples from my coach, Tracey Walker, of new marketers who are finally making money online:

Cheryl’s Story

    Cheryl and her husband are small business owners of a brick-and-mortar business, and they had a website for their business before joining the Empower Network in November. They purchased all the products available from the network.

    After studying all the information in the Empower Network about SEO and getting blogs ranked on the search engines, Cheryl went to work on her existing website, implementing everything she was learning. She made sure all the tags were right and the pages were tied to relevant keywords for their business, as instructed by the internet marketing experts on the training videos and audios.

    Today she says their website is showing up everywhere and out-ranking their competition in both organic and paid searches!

    Plus, their phone is ringing with so much business that they can’t devote time to building the Empower Network business. (What a good problem to have!)

    They credit their great results to the education they received from the Empower Network.

Mary’s Story

    Mary was on the verge of quitting her online home based business venture. Can you relate? She was working 7 hours a day on her day job and coming home to take care of her family. She would then start working on her online business about 9 p.m. every night. Mary was already exhausted from a long day. She had a dream of making money online. Those precious few hours she carved out of her day to work her business were spent following strategies that gurus told her would work, like bogus offers of sending views to her website, affiliate offers that only paid an average 20 to 30%, or wasting time researching tons of products trying to find the right one. Does this sound like you?

    Luckily Mary found the Empower Network. She learned strategies like the one that generated her 20 leads in just 3 hours. She was able to do a small joint venture with a list owner. She was able to leverage this person’s list by sending her email offer to that list (since she didn’t have a list at that time). Mary was able to finally start making money online.

    The sad thing is that there are many Marys out there, trying to make it big and doing strategies they think (or rather hope) will work.

    You can learn the true success formula needed for a fast, sustainable large income online in the Empower Network. Plus, you don’t have to quit your primary opportunity.

Brian’s Story

    Let me share a story about Brian the Fireman. He’s a man who risks his life to protect people for a living.

    He would search the internet daily for a way to “get out of the heat”.

    So, he bought lots of internet marketing courses, but never got paid. He was about to quit on his dream of having a successful online home based business. Maybe you’ve been at this point once or twice.

    He echoed the voices of countless others as he spoke about his disappointments and failures in this online marketing industry. Then he found the Empower Network. Within an hour of his blog going live, he got an email on his phone at the station house. He had made his first $625.00 commission! It was from someone he didn’t even know…someone he never even spoke to. He was excited out of his mind!

These stories show that anyone can start making money online with the right knowledge. The Empower Network “empowers” the little guy with strategies and tactics that work!

What is in the Empower Network $15k Formula?

We currently offer 4 products, and our premier product is the $15k Formula. Here’s what you’ll find inside with the $15k Formula, alone:

Video 1 – Covers blogging and ‘high impact’ content creation strategies. You’ll learn how to:

–Write compelling content that the search engines and people will love.

–How to drive traffic, leads and cash-flow to you blog for years to come.

You’ll learn little-known strategies from the best producers in the industry.

–How to scoop up commissions.

–How to dramatically change the way readers respond to you and whether they’ll buy from you by embedding “triggers” in your content.

Blogging is more than just posting an article. It is a science and goes much deeper than just the written word.

Once you learn this, your results will show it.

All that was the first video training.

Video 2 – Covers social syndication – You’ll learn how to automatically syndicate content and how to increase traffic by creating social tribes.

Video 3 – Covers back-linking – You’ll learn how you can rank your content fast and get onto the first page of Google. This will give you free blog traffic for a long time.

Video 4 – Covers paid traffic and copy-writing – You’ll learn how to effectively place solo ads and Facebook ads and convert leads to sales.

Video 5 – Covers phone rooms, broadcasting and direct mail to generates huge profits.

Video 6 – Covers leaderships insights – You’ll learn how to recruit and up-sell.

Plus, more modules will be added shortly.

This course is exclusive to the Empower Network.

Imagine having the star power of top, income-producers giving you marketing advice to improve your business!

Paying for one hour consultation from just one of these rock stars would cost you $500, and having 5 of them for a weekend would easily cost $3,000!

Having all 16 of them to listen and watch on the $15k Formula whenever you are ready is priceless!

So, you should consider joining the Empower Network because you get to market a lucrative affiliate marketing program, plus an extraordinary internet education from marketers who want you to succeed online, coupled with a blogging platform that assists you in getting endless leads and blog traffic. This is well worth the price!

Did this Empower Network review help to explain how the network “empowers” people? Do you now understand what the Empower Network is about?

Visit again soon for more Empower Network tips!

Click here to discover how you can work for yourself and
earn a full-time income using proven internet marketing tips
from a system that teaches you everything you need
to know to get endless leads and blog traffic
for your small business or online home business starting today!

If you found this Empower Network post valuable, please tell a friend. I love reading comments, and I answer every question personally.

To Our Online Online Home Business Marketing Success,

JC Dawkins

“Inspiring Dreams, Empowering People, Transforming Lives”

© 2012 All rights reserved. Online Home Business Marketing – Empower Network

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