Meaning of Success to You, You Need to Know It To Achieve It

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Freeda on Meaning of Success

“Success Begins From The Inside Out!”

The meaning of success is different for each of us.

An online business entrepreneur thinks the meaning of success in business is driving traffic and increasing profits. An Olympic athlete sees success as how fast she can cross the finish line. The important thing is…

What is your meaning of success?

Most likely you want to succeed in life, work, and relationships. You may also want to succeed in business. At least, most of the folks reading this blog want business success.

Last week I wrote about the “Secret To Success, A Formula For Accomplishing Your Online Marketing Goals,” where I explained that the secret to success was your ability to increase your probability of success by implementing certain basic strategies. These strategies include having a proven strategy, taking action, and maintaining the right mindset.

This week we’ll discuss why it is important to answer the question, “What does success mean to you?”

According to, success is the accomplishment of a purpose or an aim. However, you must determine exactly what success means for you personally.

“The secret of achievement is to hold a picture of a successful outcome in the mind.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

If you don’t have a clear idea of the meaning of success for you, how will you know when and if you achieve it?

It’s important to be as specific and detailed as possible. Also, it’s important to be true to your dreams and values and not allow popular opinion to determine what you want in life. The meaning of success depends on your unique perspective on life and your unique values. The answer is within you because ultimately your meaning of success is within your heart.

Success is very much a personal thing. For example, one person may earn the same amount of money as someone else, but not feel as successful. It all depends on your values and perspective.

Meaning of Success

Steps For Determining
Your Meaning of Success

You need to look deep within yourself to find the meaning of success for you. This may take a while because the answers may not come quickly.

1. Answer these questions to help you get a clearer picture of what your life would look like when you are successful:

  • What is important to you?
  • What experiences would you like and what projects would you like to complete in the next year?
  • What are your specific goals for those projects? How will you know you have succeeded?
  • How can you build on the successes you’ve already had? Can you stretch yourself to accomplish even more?
  • When you are 100+, how will you know you lived a successful life? What would you have to accomplish so that you can look back on your life and feel that you were successful?

2. Specifically, what is success to you?

  • Accumulating vast wealth?
  • Being happy?
  • Finding your ideal mate and raising happy kids?

3. If your goals are more emotional than monetary, keep a daily journal where you write how happy you feel, how appreciative you are, etc.

Check out these Success Principles from Jack Canfield

This video covers an interesting perspective on devising a clear plan of action for transforming your life by determining your meaning of success.

So think hard. What is your definition of success? What does success mean to you?

What is your meaning of success?

Every Friday, this blog will feature a post by Freedom Freeda about mindset and motivational topics. Online business marketing success is not only about learning internet marketing tips and tricks, it is also about maintaining the right mindset to achieve your goals.

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