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A Success Mindset -
Are You Aiming Too Low?


Hey Everybody!

As Les Brown puts it in this video, “If you had your life to live over again, could you do more than what you’ve done thus far?”

What we do and what we accomplish is only a fraction of what is possible for us. So, aim high with your goals!

Success Mindset – Focus on What You Want!

How…is none of your business!”

Les urges us to leave our mark and make a statement with our lives. “Most people fail because they aim too low…or don’t aim at all.”

What are your personal goals? What are your business/career goals? What are your social contribution goals?

Social contribution goals are what you plan to do for others.

“We should be ashamed to die until we’ve made some kind of contribution to human-kind.” ~ Horace Mann

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